Month: March 2017

Plan a tour of Sand Dunes of Jaisalmer in 2017

Sand Dunes of Jaisalmer are popularly known as Sam Sand Dunes. This tourist spot is increasingly getting popular these days. When planning to visit the Thar Desert, it is likely that you will visit Desert Safari. Many suggest that the perfect time to explore Sam Sand Dunes is before sunset 4-6 PM or before sunrise 4-6 AM.

Most of the visitors come in jeep loads and are subsequently followed by people offering camel rides and dancing children and women. Some guys sell handy snacks and chilled soft drinks to quench thirst. There is a carnival-like atmosphere in the desert.

Desert Camps:


Most of the travelers prefer to take a stay in this Thar Desert. There are many exclusive Jaisalmer Desert Camps which attracts foreign tourists. Camp owners offer Swiss mud cottages and Swiss tents to tourists.  These Swiss mud cottages have a unique feature of temperature control and keep the temperature inside the cottage moderate. Camps and Bonfires are a beautiful aspect of experiencing the sunset in deserts and the amazing Rajasthani music and culture. You can enjoy various delicacies in dinner and especially local Rajasthani Food.

You can also check this tour package for Jaisalmer which includes complete transportation in Jaisalmer city and desert area, hote accommodation for one night, camp accommodation for one night and desert safari tour. These packages are mostly bought by travellers who are visiting Jaisalmer for the first time.

Desert Safari by Camel or Jeep till sunset point:


The months from October to December are the best time to visit Desert Safari. The Jeep Safari starts in the company of 3-4 more tourists. The 5 km drove from sand dunes to Sam Sand Dunes is one hell of the drive. It is a desert adrenaline rush. This stomach-churning ride gives you uncontrollable laughter and jolted intestines.

After this ride, the Jeep stops, and it is the time to enjoy the scenic beauty of the desert with a cup of tea or coffee. This zero vegetation recipe is a perfect place for camel safari. Enjoy the stunning views of troughs and crests while riding on a camel.

And finally have a look at this video by NSE Channel which will give you one more reason to visit Jaisalmer and it;s sand dunes area of Sam. You can always ask any question in the below comment box.