How a 2 Day visit to Delhi be worth it

Typically, travelers to India stay for a few days to the capital Delhi like a day or two for some varied reasons, that is the longest any guests stay the longest in New Delhi which  generally is 2 days the most. But little did they know that there is a great quantity of places to discover in the capital.

So, what to do you say to the 2 days you have as free time in Delhi? That is easy as pie as this article will reveal the trick of the trades of traveling New Delhi in as little time as possible with maximum precision. But before we do that, take some time to check out Delhi Online’s webpage. It is mostly recommended for people who want to enjoy the city as it contains much needed information on what to do and where to go around the city.

1. Hotel options in Delhi


Guesthouse Bed and Chai is by far the best advice to be given for a wonderful 2 nights stay at the capital of India. It is a very cozy place with wonderful room accommodations located in Greater Kailash where many travelers choose to stay for a couple nights. Check them out at

Plus I also had a look at a hotel in Karol Bagh by the name of Pitrashish Premium. Hotel was suggested by a friend but as I was planning to stay in a hotel in southern Delhi so I skipped this. But if you are looking to stay in Karol Bagh that Pitrashish hotel at Karol bagh is a fine place to stay.

  • For the 1st day, the list of your itinerary must be Hauz Khas Village, Qutub Minar, Humayun;s tomb and Lodhi Garden.
  • On the 2nd day, check the Old Delhi by a bicycle, Temple Sikh or Gurudwara Sis Ganj and Red Fort.

Check this post for more information on places to see in New Delhi.

People are made unique, so there will be people who prefer to walk in order to get to the places mentioned above. These men and women, who love walking, fear not, as there is also a tour of the city that is right for you called the Delhi by Foot. Tour packages are available in myriads of choosing. Some of the packages are called Delhi by Sultans and Delhi by Mughals. The list goes on but is not too exhaustive that guests would tend to back out. You can also choose to customize the trip depending on what your personal preference is.

There is definitely nothing more convenient way to go to some heritage sites in Delhi than riding a bicycle. Delhi by Cycle is an organization that does excursion to the five towers seen in both the Old and the New Delhi. The organized trip will feature a bike ride of complete visit to the Old Delhi. Some of the places to visit include Red Fort, Fatehpuri Mosque, Spice Market, St. James Church, Chawri Bazaar, Turman Gate, Jama Masjid and Yamuna River to name a few. The trip departs at exactly half past six in the morning and will return after three and a half hours after that. It is definitely way faster compared to riding a private vehicle may it be a car or a van. There is less traffic plus you get to help the environment with zero emission from the bike ride. Check the group’s webpage for a lot of the information about the tour package