How to explore Rajasthan with kids

Rajasthan is a colorful and vibrant Indian state that boasts of huge forts with shimmering palaces and of course the royal cities. Travelling so such an exquisite state with the kids in the family is an adventure in itself.

Book tour packages

When you are travelling alone, you might want to explore the state all by yourself. But when you are travelling with your family and the kids, there is no point in experimenting while holidaying. It is always advisable that you book the Rajasthan tour packages from any good, reputed and reliable travel companies like Makemytrip, Chetram Voyages or Yatra and make your trip according to the itinerary provided by the travel agency.

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Cabs with special seats


Ask for cabs where you can get special seats for the infants and the toddlers while sightseeing in the different cities of Rajasthan. There are several such car hire companies that can provide you with family cars which comes with special infant seats with seat belts et al. You can always choose such cars for rent so that travelling with the babies and kids is a safe one.

Book kids friendly hotels

When you are travelling with your family, it is absolutely necessary to book and choose hotels that are kids friendly for the purpose of accommodation. There is no dearth of hotels in Rajasthan but not all of them can boast of kid friendliness. Choose an accommodation that can provide you children with a play ground or a small park to enjoy the late evenings when you come back to the hotel after an extensive day trip. A small playground can make the children happy and relaxed.

Explore the tourist attractions early in the morning

When you have kids in your group, it is important to keep a tab on their comfort levels. It will not be possible for the kids to travel as extensively as you will be able to. So it is always better to choose your travel timings wisely. Try to explore and visit the tourist attractions early in the morning and finish your day trip before the clock hits the 12 noon mark. You can again go out with the kids in the evening after 4 pm as the sun is a bit low at those times and it can make your travel journey a comfortable one for the kids.

The must visit attractions of Rajasthan

When you have kids along with you, there are some must visit places in Rajasthan that you must explore for the happiness of the children. Those places are:

Taj Lake Palace Udaipur, which is actually a fort, that is converted to a luxurious hotel at present and is situated at the midst of a lake. It looks beautiful from the shores of the lake and is a must visit for the children.

Amber Fort Jaipur is yet another must visit attractions in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The fort is known for its Hindu style architecture and elements. It overlooks the Maota Lake and is spread across 4 sq km area. The Jaisalmer Fort is a huge fort which is one of the largest in the world too. It is made with yellow sandstone which glitters in the sunlight. Hence the fort also has a nick name of Sonar Quila.