Visit jaisalmer with your friends to enjoy its amazing view

Do you love travelling? Well, it is the easiest way to keep yourself aloof from the work pressure, headache, tension and other complicated things. Travelling gives a glorious smile in everyone’s face as they can witness the beauty of nature through this wonderful journey. Some journeys can give you amazing memories which will remain as asset of your life. You can also manage to learn different things about your country, people and their culture by these small trips.

India is a big country which has great historical importance. There are several places that can take you to the world of king and queen. You can visit the royal ages and witness its glory at the every corner of the city. If you love history and want to visit a historical place then come to the city of palaces, visit its world famous desert and get along with its 100 years old culture. The city that can mesmerize you with its architecture, amaze you with its natural beauty and give you the right idea of royal palaces is Jaisalmer. The city is situated in Rajasthan and is known as the golden city of the state.

Visit Jaisalmer- the golden city of palaces:

Jaisalmer is a splendid place especially for the tourists who love nature at its best. You can find everything in golden colour in this city. From building, to small houses, palaces, road everything is golden. There are several forts in Jaisalmer but the famous golden fort attracts thousands of travellers in this city. It is one of the prime attractions of the city that makes it world famous. So, if you are planning to visit Jaisalmer you should definitely visit golden fort.


You can also book a desert camps in Jaisalmer and leave all the sightseeing task on them.

Amazing Thar Desert:

The long, great Thar desert will awe struck you with its beauty. You will not be able to forget its scenic beauty ever in life. Well, you can get a chance to enjoy camel ride in this path. It is a very special culture of this city. People who came to visit this desert always ride on camel and enjoy the trip. It will take some minutes to reach the desert and you can enjoy the surrounding beauty of the place. Its glamour spread all over the place and will mesmerize you. If you love photography then you will definitely manage to take some great snaps there.

Watch the beautiful sunset:

Who doesn’t love to wander the streets of such an ancient place that promises to show you amazing views? It is the art of god that made the city so beautiful. You will feel the stories of fable when you will come here as it provides a magical atmosphere with its several attractive views. Watching the sunset near the desert can be an amazing experience for you. Many foreign tourists come here to watch sunset.


The inhabitants of this place arrange some great shows at every evening for the tourists. You can watch their cultural programmes, dance show, several types of martial arts. They also offer drinks and snacks to the guests. After the sunny day you can rest under the stars and enjoy some magical performances.