Some of the finest restaurants in India

Dining is something which is very close to our hearts. In India a chef can get in trouble if the food is not properly cooked. So if you are looking to dine in some of the best restaurants in India then I have a list for you. Have a look

Wasabi Restaurant, Delhi


The Taj Mahal hotel is renowned for many things, its exclusiveness and top luxury interior to name just a few. Recently, it has become even more popular for its restaurant Wasabi. Wasabi is fast becoming the topmost Indian restaurant. Wasabi uniquely makes use of a Japanese ambiance and a Japanese menu in addition to the Indian menu. The restaurant has a warm ambiance, and employs a top Japanese chef. It’s renowned for its authentic and spicy sushi which combines the traditional Japanese meal with authentic Indian spices. This is in addition to the crab samosas which bring together the Japanese sea food specialty and India’s famed samosas.

Mezban Restaurant, Jaipur

Mezban is a 2 year old Jaipur Restaurant which is just next to Jal Mahal. The place is a popular dining destination in the city and especially for their non-veg cuisine. Some of the best things about this restaurant in that the guest can enjoy dinner with an amazing sight of Jal Mahal or even go for a small walk, the restaurant served some of the ethnic rajasthani cuisine and the owners are really welcomomg people so they will love to teach how to make fantastic Dal baati Churma in their kitchen.

Koh Restaurant

Koh is a Thai restaurant that was first made popular by its chef, renowned Ian Kittichai. Although the restaurant specializes in traditional Thai food, you are definitely in for a surprise brought by the twists added to the delicacies. Often, the restaurant is overbooked, and you may therefore need to make a booking early. The menu is also not completely Thai, but also includes international cuisines such as the coconut cheese cake which is quite popular. Tables can seat large groups such as families which is why the restaurant is perhaps quite popular.

Villa 39, Mumbai

Villa 39 has one of the most unique ambiances to speak of in Mumbai. The ambivalence shows off its spectacular columns and gives an air of comfort as well as exclusivity. This Italian restaurant is so popular that celebrities and dignitaries are often found dining here. The beef Carpaccio which makes use of the fresh local ingredients is a popular delicacy. The desserts are a memory that you will not forget easily. All this coupled with the excellent service to be found in the restaurant make the experience worth another visit. If you are looking for an excellent Italian meal, this is the place to go.

Zen restaurant, Delhi

Zen has the most homely and warm atmosphere that you can find in a restaurant. Patrons are often tempted to curl up their feet in the warm cozy cushions and sofas are best placed in the restaurant. This Japanese restaurant combines a Korean and Japanese menu allowing the patrons to be as adventurous as they would like. The variety of meals in the menu, and the various preparation methods employed will often leave you wanting to try anything. As diners will tell, whatever you choose to eat at Zen, you can be sure you will not be disappointed.

As I am in Andhra and I travel to Delhi frequently, I love to dine in Wasabi and Mexban in Jaipur. I will suggest you guys to have a look at these two as they are simply awesome.