Plan a tour of Sand Dunes of Jaisalmer in 2017

Sand Dunes of Jaisalmer are popularly known as Sam Sand Dunes. This tourist spot is increasingly getting popular these days. When planning to visit the Thar Desert, it is likely that you will visit Desert Safari. Many suggest that the perfect time to explore Sam Sand Dunes is before sunset 4-6 PM or before sunrise 4-6 AM.

Most of the visitors come in jeep loads and are subsequently followed by people offering camel rides and dancing children and women. Some guys sell handy snacks and chilled soft drinks to quench thirst. There is a carnival-like atmosphere in the desert.

Desert Camps:

Desert Camp

Most of the travelers prefer to take a stay in this Thar Desert. There are many exclusive Jaisalmer Desert Camps which attracts foreign tourists. Camp owners offer Swiss mud cottages and Swiss tents to tourists.  These Swiss mud cottages have a unique feature of temperature control and keep the temperature inside the cottage moderate. Camps and Bonfires are a beautiful aspect of experiencing the sunset in deserts and the amazing Rajasthani music and culture. You can enjoy various delicacies in dinner and especially local Rajasthani Food.

You can also check this tour package for Jaisalmer which includes complete transportation in Jaisalmer city and desert area, hote accommodation for one night, camp accommodation for one night and desert safari tour. These packages are mostly bought by travellers who are visiting Jaisalmer for the first time.

Desert Safari by Camel or Jeep till sunset point:

Desert safari

The months from October to December are the best time to visit Desert Safari. The Jeep Safari starts in the company of 3-4 more tourists. The 5 km drove from sand dunes to Sam Sand Dunes is one hell of the drive. It is a desert adrenaline rush. This stomach-churning ride gives you uncontrollable laughter and jolted intestines.

After this ride, the Jeep stops, and it is the time to enjoy the scenic beauty of the desert with a cup of tea or coffee. This zero vegetation recipe is a perfect place for camel safari. Enjoy the stunning views of troughs and crests while riding on a camel.

And finally have a look at this video by NSE Channel which will give you one more reason to visit Jaisalmer and it;s sand dunes area of Sam. You can always ask any question in the below comment box.

Where to go on family holiday in 2016

It’s summer time let the fun begin for the kids. It’s time to plan for a grand summer vacation for your family. So what are your plans? Let us help you with some proper holiday planning which you can visit with your family.

1. Golden Triangle Tour

Jal Mahal at Amer Road
Jal Mahal at Amer Road

The golden triangle tour consists of tourism at three cities in northern India, Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Here is a quick look at the holiday itinerary that you can follow this summer:

Places to see in the golden triangle tour

Delhi is a travelers’ paradise, and so is Jaipur. There are several interesting places to visit in these three cities. For instance, if you start your trip from the capital city of Delhi, you can spend two days in New Delhi to explore the various tourist attractions in the town like the India Gate, Parliament, Qutub Minar, Red Fort, Bahai Temple, Akshardham Temple, CR Park Kali temple, etc.

Visit Agra from Delhi which is just around 4 hours drive on the road. Once you reach Agra, head straight to the loving memorial of Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal will certainly take your breath away with its beauty and purity. Once you have soaked in the beauty of the Taj, you can drive down to Fatehpur Sikri, which is around d 60 km away from the Taj Mahal.

Next, on the trip should be your last stop which is at Jaipur. It is the capital of Rajasthan and also known as the Pink City of the state. There are some beautiful places to visit in Jaipur like the Hawa Mahal and the City Palace, the Amber Fort, which is on top of the hill, and you will get to enjoy a wonderful and amazing elephant safari while traveling up to the fort.

Places to sleep in Golden Triangle

There are several excellent accommodations available for a fulfilling stay; you can stay at Ginger Hotel, Jaipur Marriot or Hotel Shivam Paradise, etc.

In Delhi, you can stay put at Hotel Green Castle, Hyatt Regency, etc and in Agra, you can stay at Wyndham Hotel, Trident Hotel or in Grand Hotel.

Places to shop in golden triangle

In Delhi, you can visit the Chandni Chowk for shopping and also the Delhi Haat. In Jaipur, you can buy from the famous Bapu Bazar and in Agra; there are several street side shops which sell several interesting mementos and souvenirs.

How to plan a trip to Golden Triangle

Well one can explore these 3 amazing cities via train, as government has launched some good ones for travelers but the best medium is to hire a car and plan this trip as a road trip. I will suggest to book Golden triangle tour by car package from Rajputana Cabs which will cost like INR 6000 for three days. Plus also checkout Rajasthan tour by car from Jaipur which includes all the destinations of Golden triangle and some other cities of Rajasthan like Jodhpur, Jaisalmer etc.

2. Jim Corbett


Jim Corbett National Park is the favorite attraction for kids because it will give them the feel of wildlife and natural animal habitat.

Jungle Safari.

When you are visiting the Jim Corbett, you can choose the jungle safari in the jeep or on an elephant ride. That way you can travel to the forest and spot several species of birds and animals.

Outdoor activities

You should also participate in several outdoor activities like river rafting and the angling, mountain biking, rock climbing, slithering or trekking through the jungle walks.

Fishing in Jim Corbett

Go backpacking and sit next to the banks of the Ramganga river and go fishing and angling in the Jim Corbett. It is an enjoyable experience.

Awesome resorts

Want to spend a night near Jim Corbett to soak in the feel of the jungle, do make it a point to book your accommodations in either Corbett Riverside Resort or the Tusker Trail Resort.

3. Kashmir


Kashmir is known as “paradise on earth.” Only when you visit the state of Kashmir will you understand why it refers as paradise on earth The breathtaking beauty of the land simply will blow your mind away.


The summer capital of Kashmir, Srinagar is best known for its beauty spot, the Dal Lake. It’s called the Venice of the East. Stay in a houseboat on Dal Lake to enjoy the surroundings and the real beauty of Kashmir. There is also the Mughal Gardens, which is a must visit during the summer time for its beautiful tulips.


After two days of Srinagar trip, you can head towards Gulmarg, which has a beauty of its own. It is the hill station of Kashmir and is at the foothills of the western Himalayas. It is also the heartland of the winter sports in India. However, during the summers, Gulmarg is equally beautiful. You can also ride the Gondola in Gulmarg, which is one of the highest in the world and goes through the height of almost 4000 meters.

Trip to Sonmarg

Sonmarg is also known as the Meadow of Gold. It is in the middle of the Kashmir Valley within the Himalayan Glaciers by the name of Kolhoi and the Machoi glaciers. Through Sonmarg runs the largest tributary of Jhelum by the name of Nallah Singh. It is needless to say that it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India.

4. Nainital


Nainital, one of the most popular hill stations in India. The hill station derived its name from the Naini Lake, which is a prominent tourist attraction in the Uttaranchal state of India. Such is the popularity of the Naini Lake that Nainital is better known as the Lake District of India. It is a very famous tourist destination, and thousands of domestic and international travelers visit the Hill station throughout the year for leisure and honeymoon trips. The natural beauty and the surrounding Himalayas make it one of the glittering jewels of the Himalayas.

Visit the Nainital Zoo to spot the snow leopard and the steppe eagle which are rare species of animals and are not in any other states of India. If you are looking for a leisure trip close to New Delhi, Nainital can be an ideal destination for a long and pleasurable weekend trip.

How a 2 Day visit to Delhi be worth it

Typically, travelers to India stay for a few days to the capital Delhi like a day or two for some varied reasons, that is the longest any guests stay the longest in New Delhi which  generally is 2 days the most. But little did they know that there is a great quantity of places to discover in the capital.

So, what to do you say to the 2 days you have as free time in Delhi? That is easy as pie as this article will reveal the trick of the trades of traveling New Delhi in as little time as possible with maximum precision. But before we do that, take some time to check out Delhi Online’s webpage. It is mostly recommended for people who want to enjoy the city as it contains much needed information on what to do and where to go around the city.

  1. Hotel options in delhi

Delhi Hotel

Guesthouse Bed and Chai is by far the best advice to be given for a wonderful 2 nights stay at the capital of India. It is a very cozy place with wonderful room accommodations located in Greater Kailash where many travelers choose to stay for a couple nights. Check them out at

Plus I also had a look at a hotel in Karol Bagh by the name of Pitrashish Premium. Hotel was suggested by a friend but as I was planning to stay in a hotel in southern Delhi so I skipped this. But if you are looking to stay in Karol Bagh that Pitrashish hotel at Karol bagh is a fine place to stay.

  • For the 1st day, the list of your itinerary must be Hauz Khas Village, Qutub Minar, Humayun;s tomb and Lodhi Garden.
  • On the 2nd day, check the Old Delhi by a bicycle, Temple Sikh or Gurudwara Sis Ganj and Red Fort.

Check this post for more information on places to see in New Delhi.

People are made unique, so there will be people who prefer to walk in order to get to the places mentioned above. These men and women, who love walking, fear not, as there is also a tour of the city that is right for you called the Delhi by Foot. Tour packages are available in myriads of choosing. Some of the packages are called Delhi by Sultans and Delhi by Mughals. The list goes on but is not too exhaustive that guests would tend to back out. You can also choose to customize the trip depending on what your personal preference is.

There is definitely nothing more convenient way to go to some heritage sites in Delhi than riding a bicycle. Delhi by Cycle is an organization that does excursion to the five towers seen in both the Old and the New Delhi. The organized trip will feature a bike ride of complete visit to the Old Delhi. Some of the places to visit include Red Fort, Fatehpuri Mosque, Spice Market, St. James Church, Chawri Bazaar, Turman Gate, Jama Masjid and Yamuna River to name a few. The trip departs at exactly half past six in the morning and will return after three and a half hours after that. It is definitely way faster compared to riding a private vehicle may it be a car or a van. There is less traffic plus you get to help the environment with zero emission from the bike ride. Check the group’s webpage for a lot of the information about the tour package

How to explore Rajasthan with kids

Rajasthan is a colorful and vibrant Indian state that boasts of huge forts with shimmering palaces and of course the royal cities. Travelling so such an exquisite state with the kids in the family is an adventure in itself.

Book tour packages

When you are travelling alone, you might want to explore the state all by yourself. But when you are travelling with your family and the kids, there is no point in experimenting while holidaying. It is always advisable that you book the Rajasthan tour packages from any good, reputed and reliable travel companies like Makemytrip, Chetram Voyages or Yatra and make your trip according to the itinerary provided by the travel agency.

And as per us, chetram voyages offer some of the best tour packages for Rajasthan as they are local. just have a look at their Padharo Jaisalmer tour package.

Cabs with special seats

Ask for cabs where you can get special seats for the infants and the toddlers while sightseeing in the different cities of Rajasthan. There are several such car hire companies that can provide you with family cars which comes with special infant seats with seat belts et al. You can always choose such cars for rent so that travelling with the babies and kids is a safe one.

Book kids friendly hotels

When you are travelling with your family, it is absolutely necessary to book and choose hotels that are kids friendly for the purpose of accommodation. There is no dearth of hotels in Rajasthan but not all of them can boast of kid friendliness. Choose an accommodation that can provide you children with a play ground or a small park to enjoy the late evenings when you come back to the hotel after an extensive day trip. A small playground can make the children happy and relaxed.

Explore the tourist attractions early in the morning

When you have kids in your group, it is important to keep a tab on their comfort levels. It will not be possible for the kids to travel as extensively as you will be able to. So it is always better to choose your travel timings wisely. Try to explore and visit the tourist attractions early in the morning and finish your day trip before the clock hits the 12 noon mark. You can again go out with the kids in the evening after 4 pm as the sun is a bit low at those times and it can make your travel journey a comfortable one for the kids.

The must visit attractions of Rajasthan

When you have kids along with you, there are some must visit places in Rajasthan that you must explore for the happiness of the children. Those places are:

Taj Lake Palace Udaipur, which is actually a fort, that is converted to a luxurious hotel at present and is situated at the midst of a lake. It looks beautiful from the shores of the lake and is a must visit for the children.

Amber Fort Jaipur is yet another must visit attractions in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The fort is known for its Hindu style architecture and elements. It overlooks the Maota Lake and is spread across 4 sq km area.

The Jaisalmer Fort is a huge fort which is one of the largest in the world too. It is made with yellow sandstone which glitters in the sunlight. Hence the fort also has a nick name of Sonar Quila.

Explore the three amazing cities of Rajasthan

If you have ever been to Rajasthan, you would want to go back again. Rajasthan has an air of warmth that will certainly pull you towards itself. There are several vivid attractions in the state which will never grow out of attraction for people who love to travel. Here is a list of amazing cities of Rajasthan, the royal desert state which you must visit more than once in life.

Udaipur & Mount Abu

Mount Abu

Udaipur is a small but charming city in the western parts of Rajasthan. It was also the historic capital city of Mewar in the ancient times. Udaipur is also a very popular tourist destination. The palaces and the lakes in the city are worth exploring. The Lake Palace in Udaipur which covers an island in the Pichola Lake is now a hotel. Udaipur is also known for its lakes and the romantic ambiance.

Some of the most beautiful lakes in the city include Lake Pichola, Fateh Sagar, Udai Sagar and Swaroop Sagar. When in Udaipur, do not forget to taste the local Rajasthani cuisine like daal bari churma etc. You can look for accommodation in the luxurious heritage hotels like Udaipur Taj Lake Palace, or the Hotel Fateh Garh etc.

Mount Abu on the other hand is a very popular hill station in Rajasthan. It is located in the Sirohi district of Rajasthan and on the Aravalli Range of mountains. Mount Abu is also known as the Oasis in the desert since it is home to several lakes and rivers, snowfalls and the forests. In Mount Abu, you can stay put at the Palace Hotel, Jaipur House etc.


Birla Temple Jaipur

Jaipur is also known as the Pink city of Rajasthan. It is also the capital of the state. There is lots of interesting tourist attractions in Jaipur that are worth exploring like the Hawa Mahal, the Jantar Mantar, and the Nahargarh Fort etc.  When in Jaipur, you can stay at The Raj Palace, Jaipur Heritage Hotel etc.

Plus check our this Jaipur Fatafat tour package for 1 Night/ 2 Days, which I believe contain all the details on how a traveler can explore Pink City step by step. Cost of such packages are around $200 per person.

Ajmer & Pushkar

Ajmer Dargah Sharif

The city of Ajmer is the fifth largest city in Rajasthan. It is also a popular pilgrimage center for all religions whether Hindu or Muslims, Sikhs or Christians. The city is surrounded by the Aravalli Mountains and is home to the shrine of Sufi Saint, Khwaja Moinuddin Chisthti. It is also the base point for travelling to Pushkar.

Pushkar on the other hand is a small town in the district of Ajmer in Rajasthan. It is renowned all over the world for its annual camel fair which is usually held in November. Pushkar is also considered as one of the five sacred Hindu pilgrimage centers. One of the major attractions in Pushkar is the Pushkar Lake.

Other attractions include the Brahma Temple which is one of the rare Brahmin temples in the world. The lake of Pushkar has 52 ghats in total where pilgrims come to take a holy dip in the water of the lake which is said to be the tears of Lord Shiva.  You can stay at Hotel Pushkar Hermitage while in Ajmer and Pushkar.

Plus check out this tour package for Rajasthan ( where one can explore all the amazing destinations of this beautiful desert state of India. I must suggest you that it will easily take around 10-12 days for a Rajasthan Trip.

Top 3 locations which are filled with hotels in Jaipur

Jaipur in India has a massive potential in international tourist arrivals because of its tourist destinations which has attracted people across the world from all walks of life. But before trying to make a list of things to see, it is best to find a place to stay while in Jaipur. The road leading to the city has some of the good hotels in India, and the three roads listed here houses many hotels to choose from.

Amer Road

Jal Mahal at Amer Road
Jal Mahal at Amer Road

Amer Road is situated close to the vicinity of Amer Fort and leads through the old Jaipur city. Amer Road is home to world class destinations of ancient architecture which is why nearly all of the very best hotels can be located within its turf. The name is obviously named because of the existence of Amer Fort near the area which is about 11 km from the old city of Jaipur.

The Amer Fort is a picture perfect sight to behold located atop a hill overlooking the Maota Lake and the Amer Road runs close to the edge of the lake ending up in Jaipur. Some amazing landmarks near the road are Jaigarh Fort and Jal Mahal which can never bore tourists for sure.

Some fo the finest hotels in Amer Road are Holiday Inn Jaipur, Hotel Royal Sheraton, Hotel Amer View, Hotel Jai Mangal and Jaipur Inn, Jaipur Darbar, Hotel Ruby, Hotel Jaipur Classic, Hotel Glitz Jaipur, and Hotel Sarang Palace. There are other hotels in Amer Road that provides cozy accommodation for tourists and can be booked online.

Delhi Jaipur Highway

Hotels at Jaipur Highway
Hotels at Jaipur Highway

The Delhi Jaipur Highway is the most utilized road in India because of the Golden Triangle route which is a tourist circuit for local and international tourists. There are a lot of places to behold that must surely be visited in Jaipur where the road is located, which has many forms of activities as well as things to add in the itineraries while traveling in the area.

The Delhi Jaipur Highway is said to be the focal point of the city and the visit will increase your insight about the city itself. Within the environs of the Delhi Jaipur Highway, visitors will be able to explore many other places that are of high interest which includes shops and restaurants.

It also houses various 5 and 3 star resorts like La Premier Hotel, Park Ridge Hotel Resort and Spa, Fairmont Jaipur, Le Meridien Jaipur, Jaipur Marriott Hotel, Trident Jaipur, Rajasthali Resort and Spa, and ITC Rajputana Jaipur. The Delhi Jaipur Highway should be an added list on your itinerary upon visiting Jaipur for holidays or just sightseeing. It is a must visit area which is near Jaipur.

Plus some of these hotel are very popular wedding resorts and hotels. Like La Premier Hotel has one of the best banquet halls in jaipur and Fairmount hotel is rated as a popular wedding destination. So do have a look at these aspects to.

MI Road

MI Road got its name from the acronym Mirza Ismail Road named after the former Prime Minister of Myrsore, Jaipur, and Hyderabad. He was the one who initiated the industrial revolution of the place and is considered the master architect of the city of Jaipur. MI Road today is a primary thoroughfares situated in Jaipur with many tourist landmarks too.

The best attractions in MI Road are its market like the MI Road market and restaurants such as Niros Restaurant which serves fine Rajasthani cuisine and Lassiwalla Jaipur which is popular to many because of the numerous street foods available in the area.

MI Road has some fine hotels such as Park Inn, Hotel Acacia Inn, Hotel Maaya Mansion, Hotel Castle Lalpura, Golden Tulip Hotel Jaipur, Hotel Kalyan, The Wall Street, Hotel White Lily, Polo Victory Palace and Royal Orchid among others.

Exploring Jaipur with Rajputana Cabs

Jaipur is the largest city in the state of Rajasthan and is the royal capital of the state. Famous by the name of the ‘Pink City’, Jaipur attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world, every year with its beauty and rich culture. Jaipur is some of the pre modern cities & is an amazing blend of historical monuments and modern works of architecture. Some of the major tourist attractions of Jaipur are Hawa Mahal, Nahargarh Fort, Jantar Mantar, and the palace of the former king of Rajasthan. The top attractions in the city are as follows.

  1. The City Palace


City Palace architectural heritages of Jaipur & is a spectacular destinations to spend some time, courtyards, gardens, and some amazing architecture work. In this same palace there are Badal Mahal and the Sarvato Bhadra which was built during Sawai Jai Singh’s lifetime and Pritam Niwas and Mubarak Mahal among the newer constructions. The City Palace is the best tourist attractions of Jaipur as it is a blend of Rajput, Mughal and European architecture & is also its the mail residence of Jaipur Royalty. City Palace is now open to every visitor in the form of a museum and showcases the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan. The City Palace must be visited by every tourist visiting Jaipur.

  1. Hawa Mahal- the palace of winds


The Hawa Mahal is another major tourist attraction in Jaipur and leaves the tourists baffled with its unique architecture and history behind its construction. It was constructed by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh, the king of Jaipur. The shape of the palace resembles the crown of Lord Krishna in the form of peacock feathers. It is a five story palace located in the heart of the city and was meant to enable the women of the royal family admire the beauty of nature without being seen by anyone else. The Hawa Mahal is an exemplary example of architecture and culture and should be definitely visited by every tourist.

Plus there are like dozen more destinations and I will refer you that you must book a Jaipur sightseeing packages from Rajputana Cabs as they have shared some amazing information about the pink city and they have been operating taxi in Jaipur since last 18 years. Plus they also provide information like where to stay in Jaipur and thus they have shared some amazing accommodation options which are mentioned below.

Some Hotel Destinations in the city


One of the best hotels of the city is The Oberoi Raj Villas. The hotel is all about luxury and royalty and offers the best ambience of rich heritage and culture of Jaipur. Raj Villas is raked as the 3rd best hotel in Asia and the 8th best hotel in the world. The Oberoi Raj Villas is bound to leave you with the luxurious experience of a life time.

The next best place to stay in Jaipur is Hotel Rambagh Palace which serves as one of the Taj hotels of India in Jaipur. Its furnished interiors and exquisite architecture makes it the 2nd most luxurious hotel in Jaipur. With an extremely well trained and soft spoken staff, Hotel Rambagh Palace will not disappoint you.

Also Enjoy this video on Jaipur Sightseeing.

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choosing a wedding banquet hall with mind

Weddings have always been a special occasion not only for the groom and bride but also those close to them. Weddings mark the dawn of a new chapter in one’s life. For your wedding day to be a total success, you need to choose an ideal venue. Based on the number of people you have invited to your wedding, you may choose to either have a small wedding party at a sparkling and small sized hall or a big ceremony in the event that you have invited lots of people. Here are some tips that can help decide on an apt wedding banquet for your d-day.
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